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kgtoh070800597[1] Hypnosis is the key to the subconsciousHOW HYPNOSIS WORKS


When you decide to make changes in your life, changes that will be positive and rewarding, it takes some thought, decision making, resolve, and a plan. With these things in place, we now have the first step.  The second step is to find the KEY to unlocking our subconscious minds. We do this through HYPNOSIS. Each one of us as individuals has the ability to make changes, but, even with the ability to do something it can still seem to be an overwhelming challenge. It is time to begin to think about all of the areas in your life that are currently unsatisfying, unacceptable, or causing extreme stress and anxiety.  Do you feel this way all day or does the feeling fluctuate?  Make notes so that when you come for your appointment the two of us will have a very good starting point.  At HYPNOSIS INSTITUTE OF CHARLOTTE, your appointments will last from 1.5 to 2 full hours.  We will talk about what you can expect from hypnosis, how hypnosis will feel, and why it is so effective.  We will be charting a plan of action that will help you be able to reach your goals.  You will learn how to use the power of your own mind. 

We will discuss the conscious mind, which is 10% of your mind, and,the subconscious mind that is 90% of your mind.  The place where changes can easily be made is in the subconscious mind.  This is the most powerful part of your mind and it's job is to help you be content, not stressed, not overweight, not smoking, etc.  The conscious part of our minds, the other 10% is where we do all of our self-talk.  When we are stressed or anxious-----this is the part of our minds that just keeps repeating over and over the thoughts that are causing the stress to begin with.  For instance, if you really want to drop some weight and you keep having the same recurring thoughts like-------I am not going to eat that donut, I'm not going to eat that donut.  It does not help at all, usually, at some point, you will eat the donut. Trying to fix things in this part of our brain is like trying to sharpen a pencil with a pillow.  It is not going to work.


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