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Doctors and smoking cessation

photomak111001322   medical person quiting smoking  People in the medical field promoting smoking cessation.


For Doctors and Dentists to help their staff quit smoking----right now!!!


As professionals in the medical field, it is important to keep your employees out of harms way.  One way that you can do this is to provide a safe, fast, effective and inexpensive way to quit smoking for your employees.

Hypnosis has been proven to be much more effective than any other method, and it lasts a lifetime.  This is completely different than using the patch, or the gum or any prescription.


The Plan:  The employer pays for the hypnosis at a reduced rate, for

                   the employee.  The employee must want to quit.


Implementation of the Plan:  Each employee gets 2 individual

                   sessions.  These sessions last 1 1/2 hours each.  Each 

                   session is recorded and burned onto a CD for the client

                   to listen to 2 times a day for reinforcement.


The Result:  A happy, smoke-free employee, that will forever

                   remember what you have done for them.


The Key to Success is:  The fact that all of your employees will be

                   going through this experience in the same timeframe,

                   makes them a great support group for each other.

                   And, if they start smoking again they must pay their

                   employers back.  (Believe me they do not want to do



Your share of the employee's insurance premiums:   Check with

                   your insurance provider to find out if your premiums

                   will go down, if your provide this benefit, and the

                   employee quits smoking.


       Call Now and let's begin this journey together!!!


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