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Advantages to the employer

Advantages to the Employer:


This program lowers the cost of insurance premiums for employers that decide to help their employees quit smoking. 


There is no second hand smoke in your business locatiion. 


Less time off work for smoking related illnesses.  Also, more productive time at work because there are no smoke breaks.


This is also a very effective advertising tool and one that can be used in all of the companies public relations areas.  You are sending the message that your employees are very valuable to you and you want to show them just how valuable they are to you.


What a great face to put on your company to let the world know how humanitarian and forward thinking you are.  This type of employee benefit has immediate results.


But, most of all, you will be saving your employees life in a tangible, in your face, kind of way.


What a wonderful gift to give someone.



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