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About Us

About Us

Our company has been helping people make changes in their lives for 8 years.  We are located in Charlotte, NC.  During this time we have grown to become the leader in our industry.  Although our smoking cessation program is the mainstay of our practice, we have many other areas of interest and topics that we also focus on.  We help our clients grow through change.  We accomplish this using the skillful application of hypnosis techniques, induced by experienced hypnotherapists.  Our mission is to give our clients all the rules and tools necessary for them to achieve their goals.  We are tenacious and focused.  We know that hypnosis is a process.  It takes a long time for a client to get to the point where the status quo is not working for them, and, it is through reversing this process that we can help the client reach their goals.  The difference is that it takes a much shorter time to reverse the process and begin to see positive results.


                               A WORD ABOUT THE STIMULUS


The stimulus money and the recovery act have also indirectly impacted our business in a very positive way.  Our clients are getting jobs, and some of them are getting their previous jobs back. It appears that our economy is moving in the right direction, and a feeling of hope is beginning to take hold in our area. It feels good, doesn't it?


The reason that hypnosis works so fast and is so very effective is that we are dealing directly with the subconscious mind.  This is the most powerful part of our mind and it is 90% of the entire brain.  The other 10% of our brain is our conscious mind.  This is the critical thinking part of our brain.  By relating directly to the subconsious mind it becomes easy to deliver the information needed to change.

This change is rapid and long term.


                            WHEN OUR CLIENTS ARE SUCCESSFUL,  

                            THEN WE ARE ALSO SUCCESFUL


Please check back with us frequently, we will be adding CD's and mp3's of our successful programs. 





                                           BONNIE PAGE  CH, MH